More than 100 participants from 21 German and 30 Slovenian companies gathered on the occasion of Slovenian-German defence industry day in Ljubljana on 13th February 2024. Both sides expressed strong interest for extended already very fruitful cooperation that was clearly shown in more than 170 b2b meetings. Read more

Visit of NATO-SACT general, Mr.Lavigne

Today we had a very important visit. NATO-SACT General, Mr. Lavigne, visited us in the GZS/GOIS premises. He was accompanied by high-ranking representatives of MORS, headed by Colonel Mr. Lipovec. We introduced our GOIS association to them, and then several of our members introduced themselves in more detail. The general and his team showed a lot of interest during these presentations, as they asked the members specific questions during the presentation. We are all looking forward to further possible joint cooperation!

General Assembly of cluster GOIS

Dear Members,
On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, we held our 16th session of the GOIS association in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in hall A. 34 members of our association were present at the meeting, which represented 60 votes or 60% of the total membership of the association. The assembly was constructive, and important resolutions were adopted for the operation and business of the GOIS association for the coming period.

Slovenian Industry day with THALES Groupthen the welcome speeches continued with

Today, an event called “Day of Slovenian Industry together with the French group Thales” was organized in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) in co-organization together with the Spirit institution, the Chamber of Commerce and the GOIS. It was attended by representatives of Thales, MORS, SBRA and the Slovenian economy. In the economic sector, there were also many companies that are members of our association GOIS. At this event, we were first greeted by representatives of Thales, also French Ambassador – Ms.Florence Levy greeted us nicely, then the welcome speeches continued with Mr. Kralj from the General Directorate of MORS for Logistics, Mr. Miklavčič, the president of our supervisory board, also greeted us, Mr. Primožič, director of the GOIS association, gave a short presentation about the association’s activities Mr. Ilijaš, the director of the company Arctur, successfully presented to us the detailed operation of R&D (research and development) in our companies in the continuation of this event. At the end, individual Slovenian companies met with Thales representatives at B2B meetings, with the aim of presenting their companies and options for possible joint cooperation with Thales in the future.

Visit of Mr.Batič in our GOIS office

Today in our GOIS office we were visited by Mr. Bogdan Batič, who is leaving for Algeria in the next few days, in the capacity of temporary chargé d’affaires. We presented him with the operation of our association, the companies that are members of the association and with your products.

GOIS meeting with Croatian cluster HKKOI


connection and cooperation with international associations of the defense industry of Europe continues. Today I had a meeting with Mr. Goran Basarac, the president of the Croatian association HKKOI (Croatian Defense Industry Competitiveness Cluster). We exchanged useful information about how each association works, and at the end of the meeting we assured that in the future we will try to cooperate more closely on the COSME program (European Cluster Collaboration Platform) and on EDF projects where consortium approaches are required.

Visit of US Defense Attaché, Mr. Daniel Mayeda

Today at GOIS we had a visit from Lieutenant Colonel, US Defense Attaché, Mr. Daniel Mayeda and Mr. Peter Likar, Colonel of the Slovenian Army. Together, we introduced him our Cluster, members and our way of functioning of the association, and at the end of the meeting we agreed to meet again at the SOBRA fair, which will be held in Gornja Radgona in September.

A preparation meeting for the SOBRA fair (21st to 24th Sep 23)

Today, at the initiative of MORS, we met with the management of the Pomurski sejem. The participants of the meeting were: General Director M.Sc. Željko Kralj, Colonel Mr. Franjo Lipovec, Mr. Janez Erjavec, Mr. Boris Erjavec, Mr. Robi Fišer and M.Sc. Tomaž Primožič. The main topic of the meeting was how the Slovenian Army will present itself at this fair, how to involve even more Slovenian and foreign companies to participate in this fair, and at the end we jointly agreed that we will continue with our “BUSINESS BREAKFASTs” as follows, that we will meet at our second “Business Breakfast” right during the fair in Gornja Radgona – more details about this gathering will follow in the next few days.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you once again to register as many as possible and thereby participate in this year’s SOBRA fair in Gornja Radgona, which will be organized from September 21 to 24, 2023.