About us

The Defence Industry Cluster of Slovenia, g.i.z. (GIZ-GOIS) is an autonomous and independent economic interest association of members, providers of products and services in the field of defence, protection and security with a 14-year tradition. GOIS operates as a non-profit organisation, which represents the main organisational and informational link between Slovenian industry, scientific and research organisations and the State.

The main activities of GIZ-GOIS include cooperation with state authorities in the field of defence, protection and security, care for the further development of the Slovenian defence industry, information, networking and promotion of the association at home and abroad. As GOIS is also involved in international alliances, it performs business market development, networking, trade fair organisation and business opportunity creation tasks for its members.

By encouraging active involvement of members in various national and international defence programmes, active networking and making proposals, we represent a key platform for the Slovenian defence industry and strengthen the development of the Slovenian defence sector with solutions for civilian and defence use.

Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster (GOIS)
Dimičeva 13
1000 Ljubljana

+ 386 (0)1 5898 164